(A Unit of St. Sebastian's School, Seal Lane, Affiliated to the Council for the ICSE & ISC Examinations, New Delhi)


About The School

Brief History of the School :
St. Sebastian's School, Lake Gardens, formerly known as Dewdrops High School, was founded on 15th January, 1981 by Mrs. Sonali Majumder and Mr. Avijit Majumder. The School is presently located in Lake Gardens and in Arya Vidyalaya Road. In 2005, the name of the school was changed to St. Sebastian's School, as it became a part of the St. Sebastian's Group. The Seal Lane (Mother Unit) is affiliated to the Council for the I.C.S.E. & I.S.C. Examinations, New Delhi. The School is managed by a very competent Christian Society with the guidance of the Missionaries, staffed with trained teachers mainly adept in dealing with small children. The aim of the Institution is to impart sound education by forming in the pupils, good habits of piety, high sense of discipline, virtue and to be useful and loyal citizens of India in future. Method of education followed in the school is the system taught and practiced by Saint John Bosco. It is based on love and affection, corrective action and the fear of God.

Infrastructure :
In south Kolkata we have two units. Unit I is in 166/C/416 Lake Gardens (Lords Bakery Stop). Here we have well equipped Pre-Primary and Primary sections upto Class V. After Class V, Students join Unit II directly in the higher classes.

Unit II is at 60, Arya Vidyalaya Road, with a sprawling 3 storied building with a big courtyard and a huge play ground, adjacent to the school. Here we have well equipped pre primary(one of the best Montessori Houses in Kolkata), primary and high school.

The school is having all Modern Teaching aids : Multimedia Computers with Internet and good laboratory facilities, a library and all types of indoor and outdoor games which include special coaching classes for cricket, rowing, judo, karate, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. There is total focus on all round growth of the children enabling them to develop self confidence and a modern progressive outlook with leadership qualities and moral values. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that balanced emphasis is given both to academics as well as to all round development by holding various competitions and cultural programmes where all our students get equal opportunities to participate. We believe that today's child is the future of our society; keeping this in mind, we hold different types of philanthropic activities; our children are young ambassadors of S.O.S. villages. They are engaged in different types of camps collecting essential articles (toys, clothes, books, money, etc.) for different orphanages.

We are proud that today we have students from all communities of society. With an excellent team of professional and quality teaching faculty. The teachers help to inculcate in the students human and moral values and nurture their creative talents so that they are not only excellent students but also excellent human beings. We identify and retain the talents of the children, with the combined efforts of teachers and parents.

School also runs an Institute for slow learners and mentally challenged children called
'Our Astitwa'. Considering the  child's individual needs, it provides help and therapy to overcome their individual deficiency and, if possible, gives them the chance to get integrated or to get inclusive education with mainstream children (IN DEWDROPS MONTESSORI HOUSE AND IN ST. SEBASTIAN'S SCHOOL) considering their age and ability.

Objectives of our Institutes :
Uphold the belief that Man was created as a being of high intellect and responsibility and expressing true education as the harmonious development of the spiritual, the physical and the moral powers. The School defines its objectives as follows :

  • To offer the child a well balanced Programme of personal development
  • To develop in each child the ability to find and use information and materials independently.
  • To develop emotional stability through pleasant relationship in the class -room.
  • To develop in each child the ability to read with understanding to spell correctly in written work to solve problems through the use of skills in Arithmetic to speak and write more effectively.
  • To help the child to grow up to an asset to his country and God.
  • The school caters to the needs of the Community in general and at al round development of the Child in particular.


The school offers counselling assistance to parents and guardians and to the child whenever in need. This also extends to counselling parents on their private, family matters should the need arise.In this complex and problem-ridden modern world, where behavioural patterns of children may cause concern and as they are prone to various social evils, and as matters worsen with passage of time unless the problem is not addressed quickly, counselling  both parents and the child plays a major role in solving problems before it is too late.

An expert counsellor, and our principal herself, both of whom have vast experience in counselling,are  in charge in the school as well as in ASTITWA , our unit for challenged children.We are indeed fortunate that many parents and children have already availed of  their guidance and valuable advice.

About The Rector

Mrs. Sonali Majumder received the distinguished educationist and social activist award from ECOLES de la Terre, an organisation from Switzerland. The award was given for her attempt to create general awareness amongst the masses for the development and well being of children coming from economically weaker sections and giving them exposure to proper education as ...


Rector's Desk

Dear Parents,

It is time to say goodbye to Session 2023 - 24 and welcome the new session2024 - 2025. On behalf of St. Sebastian's School, I would like to start on a positive note. This year our school has been honored with Mother Teresa Award as the best school of 2023 - 2024. This is based on All Round Development, Major Academic Results and Philanthropic Activities the school is involved with.

You are all aware that we are adding a new feather to our cap. With great hope and determination we are starting ISC (Class XI and XII). Construction work of our new building has already started, and we are expecting to start operating there by the end of July or the first week of August 2024. We are expecting to provide all kinds of amenities - Advanced Laboratories, Computers and Special environment for Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence with REPL - Robotics Education Private Limited and are also planning to start a Canteen for the Children.

We are introducing Computer Applications from Class IX for the upcoming session. We are also negotiating with a few agencies, who will help our students to join different universities and colleges in Kolkata, India and abroad.

Review of 2023 - 2024 Session:

This year our ICSE results were outstanding

Highest 96% in the Science stream,

4 students scored above 90%,